Francisco González-Ruiz A.

Fast Pass Program for Panamanian citizens

Resolution N° 23373 of July 30, 2014 was published in the Official Gazette 27593 of August 5, 2014, whereby the National Immigration Service of Panama starts a program named “Immigration Fast Pass”, whose purpose is to expedite the entrance of all Panamanians at their return to the country.

The only formal requirement to belong to the program is to be a Panamanian citizen, without any age requirement, and it shall be sufficient to access the website, to provide your particulars and thus be registered in the program.

Those Panamanians who enter the program “Immigration Fast Pass” shall have the benefit that it grants for a renewable period of five (5) years.

Panamanians who belong to this program may use, at their return to the country, automated terminals which shall be located at the Tocumen International Airport and other airports within the national territory.

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