New requirements and procedures to travel with dogs to Panama

Get to know the new requirements to travel with dogs to Panama.

By: Ayleen Quintero

Traveling with a pet usually becomes a significant issue for an animal-loving person. Recently, the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama, through the National Directorate of Animal Health, issued Resolution No. ADM-DSA-073-2023 of May 17, 2023, through which the Animal Health Requirements and Procedures for the entry of dogs into the national territory are established.


Among the requirements, we must mention the following:

  • Before entering Panama, the canine must be covered by an Export Animal Health Certificate, issued by the Health Authority of the exporting country, which states a series of health and immunization (Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis) conditions of the canine prior to the flight. 
  • Upon arrival, you must request the Animal Health Import License issued by the Executive Directorate of Agricultural Quarantine (DECA), fill out the respective forms, and pay the fees established by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agricultural Development. These fees total $155.00. 
  • The dogs will also be inspected at the Airport by the Official Veterinarian of the Executive Directorate of Agricultural Quarantine of the Ministry of Agricultural Development.
  • Once all of the above has been fulfilled, the canine may leave with its owner or authorized person to the place where it will maintain home quarantine.


It is important to note that these requirements will also apply to emotional support or special training dogs and that the only item that the owners can bring along with the pet is its portion of food for the day of arrival. It will not be possible to travel with beds or additional pet items.


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