Our Founders

Icaza, González-Ruiz & Alemán was founded in 1920. Among the founders and partners of the firm can be encountered some of the pioneers who contributed to the creation ofthe legal structure of the country. Our firm has since been evolving and expanding alongside the international services center of Panama, delivering services of the highest caliber to both international and domestic clients and enjoying an unrivalled reputation.

Juan Lombardi (1875-1944) photo

Juan Lombardi (1875-1944)

Born on September 29th, 1875 in the City of Panama.
Professional Achievements:
  • Circuit and Superior Court Judge and Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice.
  • Author of The Penal Code (1922) and the Mining Code.
  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  • He participated actively in the discussion and writing of the code drafts that the Codifying Commission of 1913 was preparing, specifically with respect to the Civil, Commercial and Judicial Codes.
Carlos Icaza A. (1895-1979) photo

Carlos Icaza A. (1895-1979)

Born on December 29th, 1895 in the City of Panama.
Professional Achievements:
  • Alternate Judge of The Supreme Court of Justice of Panama in 1926 and from 1928 until 1931.
  • Minister of Public Works.
  • Admitted in 1920 to the District Court of the United States operating in the former Canal Zone.
  • President of the Bar Association of the Canal Zone in 1932.
  • Delegate of the Republic of Panama at the 1944 Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.
  • Member of the National Foreign Relations Council of the Republic of Panama from 1955 to 1968.
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