Intellectual Property

ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN has an Intellectual Property department with significant experience across the field. We deal with all the needs of our domestic and international clients in a national or regional level. Our capability includes trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, slogans, copyrights, trade and domain names, and has attracted a prestigious clientele throughout the commercial, services and industrial sectors.

We prepare and file applications, and process registrations before the General Directorate of Industrial Property and National Copyrights Office; and we are one of the leading providers of IP legal services to the international companies that decide to protect their IP rights in connection with a vast variety of products and services that range from chemicals to banking services, including colorants, cleaning preparations, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronic goods, software, surgical devices, vehicles, watches, jewelry, printed materials, furniture, clothing, games, food, beverages, tobacco, telecommunication, transportation and education material, among others.

We also advise clients on the assignment and licensing of IP rights, and the protection of confidential information and trade and industrial secrets.

We deal with international and domestic corporations that decide to protect its IP rights locally and internationally. This has allowed us to develop expertise in Central and South America, as well as in the US and the Caribbean jurisdictions. In dealing with clients’ concerns we use an extensive worldwide network of both affiliated offices and an exclusive and experienced group of non-dependent specialist foreign lawyers.

Our IP team assists the clients in the prosecution and defense of their IP Rights, from creation, or acquisition, filing or registration, onwards to management, licensing agreements and infringement, through to enforcement by a range of litigation procedures in both Civil and Criminal Courts.