Environmental Law

ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN provides a complete legal advice on environmental matters for all kinds of activities and procedures before the National Authority of Environment.  Also, we have worked on several occasions due diligence processes in environmental matters within the framework of reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions of companies. Further, we are responsible for the process and obtainment of permits and concessions from various Panamanian government entities which are required in order to venture into any of the activities related to hydrocarbons market in the Republic of Panama, both maritime and land.

Among our firm major accomplishments we can list:

  • Tropical Resort Internacional: Advice in the development of an Eco-Resort Hotel complex and the obtainment of loans for a transaction involving the concession of 100 hectares of preservation-graded public land and an investment of US$ 30,000,000.00. This agreement that was unusual as it involved land of high biodiversity, at the Gamboa forest, which is part of the Panama Canal watershed, and therefore a sensitive area, subject to special regulations defined by the Interoceanic Region Authority.
  • Booz Allen & Hamilton: Advice in a study (Master Plan) for the use, preservation and development of the Canal Zone.
  • UN promoted project: Participation in the Legal Study and Implementation of the law establishing the Interoceanic Region Authority. This project included a detailed revision of the laws and drafting of all necessary regulations for the leasing, concessions and sales of the previously described land, as well as legal aspects relating to planning, engineering, architecture and fiscal issues.

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