Banking Law & Finance

In its 95 years of existence, ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN has accumulated an invaluable experience that directly benefits its international and local clients. We have a team of lawyers with a renowned prestige within the banking field, which are able to attend our clients in all aspects of this complex business.

Our team of lawyers is able to provide legal assistance in the following:

  • Advice and procedure for the obtainment of any type of banking license.
  • Advice regarding the structuring and constitution of the type of legal entity required to operate in the banking business.
  • Consultancy in all legal regulations and compliance matters.
  • Consultancy in all types of banking, stock exchange, trusts, leasing, factoring contracts and others contracts.
  • Advice in the structuring and issuance of securities.
  • To attend all types of conflicts with clients or with the regulatory entity of the banking activity.
  • To organize and provide in-house trainings.

Among our clients we have local and international commercial and investment banks, multilateral organizations, government agencies, investment houses, accountant firms, insurance companies, fund managers, corporations and trusts.


Since the year 1970, the banking activity has been developing in Panama, as one of the fundamental pillars of its service economy, thanks to various factors among which we may mention: 100 years of a dollarized economy, the free flow of capitals, the great connectivity on the subject of communications and accessibility that the country has, the compliance with the highest international regulatory standards, and the economic and political stability that has been strengthened in the last 25 years.

Presently, around 97 banks operate in Panama, from which 52 fully operate with a general license and the rest only execute international transactions. Although banks from all around the world have established in Panama, the majority comes from Latin America, Europe and the United States. The origin and destination of the funds managed by the banks are distributed in almost equal proportions between Panama and abroad (mainly South America, Central America and the Caribbean).